How To Add Images to a WordPress Website The Right Way


Images, and how you add them to your website, can make or break the success of your website. An unappealing, unprofessional photo or graphic can leave your visitors with a negative impression of your business. A great photo can grab attention; however, if the image is not prepared properly for the web, or if it…

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How Setting Up Your Google My Business Page Helps You Get Found

Lawn Service

Google wants to help you get found by potential customers. Why? Because Google’s goal is to be the search engine that everyone goes to when they are looking for information. Check out this article about how to optimize your content for Google. There’s more you can do to help your business get found in Google…

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It's all about the "S": Google and its HTTPS Policy


Head S Up if you are not using https! Google has a policy regarding HTTPS on websites that you should know about. As a primary internet browser, dictates some best practices for website owners and developers. In the recent past, for example, Google started “requiring” websites to be mobile responsive in order to rank well…

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SEO – Writing good content


I am pleased to welcome guest blogger Grant Price III. Grant is a WordPress Tutor and Consultant in the Washington DC area. He has been training individuals and corporations about the web and WordPress since 2012. For WordPress tutoring and training, visit Today Grant is sharing some tips about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.…

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