Enhance your small school marketing with Looker Studio and GA4


Data analytics plays a pivotal role in understanding user behavior and optimizing strategies for success— it’s how digital marketers understand what is working and what isn’t in their strategy. There are several tools for tracking performance and analyzing data, including Google Analytics and Looker Studio. Google Analytics has long been a trusted tool for analyzing…

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10 Must-Haves for Every Montessori School Website


The Montessori philosophy, focusing on a child’s independence and sense of responsibility, is a unique education option parents often choose for their child. To stand out and effectively engage interested parents browsing your Montessori school’s website, your website must have several crucial elements to take a curious school parent through the marketing funnel from newly…

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Ready for a school website redesign? Read these 5 tips first.


If you are preparing to redesign your small school’s website, congratulations! A school website redesign is a long, comprehensive process that requires strong planning, strategy, and execution to be positively impactful to your school marketing strategy.  However, due to the complex nature of a redesign, it is important to prepare on all fronts before making…

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SEO for Schools: Optimizing with Google Search Console

google brett jordan

The SEO marketing strategy for your small school or nonprofit organization should have a focus on the traffic and overall performance of your website. Tools like Google Search Console exist to ensure your website’s marketing and SEO strategies are maximized.  Unfortunately, most businesses and organizations do not use Google Search Console to its full potential;…

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ChatGPT Prompts to Support Your Small School’s Marketing Strategy


ChatGPT is upleveling the marketing game for many industries, including education. For the busy small school marketer working with limited staffing and resources, ChatGPT could be a lifesaver in developing content like social media copy, blog posts, marketing emails, and more. We recently published a blog post about the potential use cases of ChatGPT for…

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Should you use ChatGPT and other AI for your school marketing?


If you haven’t seen it already, ChatGPT is taking up much of today’s news cycles in a number of industries, including tech, healthcare, education, and more. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT (or “Generative Pre-Transformer”) is a machine learning language model that is trained on an exceptionally large dataset of information to communicate with humans based on…

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How your web host could help or hurt your website performance


One of the first questions people may ask web designers when planning out their website is: Does it really matter where my website is hosted, or if it is hosted at all? In short, yes! The hosting environment you choose for your school website can impact security, SEO, user experience and more. Hosting your website…

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Which Enrollment Management Platform is Best for Your Small School or Camp?


By Emily Hannah With any small school or children’s camp, a main goal will always be attracting new prospective students. While marketing your school and getting the attention of these new students is one process, guiding them through the entire marketing funnel to enrollment, and managing that complex process in a simplified, efficient way is…

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4 Ways to Prepare Your Nonprofit Website for The Holiday Campaign Season


The holiday season can become chaotic for nonprofit organizations very quickly; when it comes to prepping for the holiday campaign season, the busiest season of the year, it’s best to plan as early as possible. Now that we’re in November, most (if not all) tactical planning around your nonprofit organization’s end of year or holiday…

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Your Nonprofit’s Comprehensive Website Maintenance Checklist


Maintaining a website is no easy feat; it takes lots of effort to carry out through the year. This is especially true for a nonprofit, already running with limited time and resources. Understanding and planning out the laundry list of website maintenance can be daunting— how often should the analytics be checked, plugins get updated,…

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4 Helpful SEO Stats (And How to Use Them for Your School Blog)


Did you know that over 90 percent of online searches begin with a search engine? In fact, the average person conducts about three to four searches a day. If someone is looking for an answer to a question or a certain piece of information, it is almost certain they will turn to a search engine…

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5 Easy Summer Break SEO Tasks for your School Website


While your school students, parents and families are relaxing this summer, your team may be taking advantage of the vacation and preparing your website for the next school year. We are going to share our top recommended tasks for school websites for your summer break. Summer is short— if you are looking for a few…

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