Website Terminology: Learn How To Speak The Language


As website professionals, we have our own “lingo,” or website terminology, which can sometimes be confusing for our clients and people who don’t make websites for a living. We realize that when we speak in our language, sometimes it may not make sense, and a key to a successful website project is clear communication. So,…

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What is GDPR Compliace and How Does It Affect Me?


You have probably been bombarded lately with GDPR Compliance emails asking you to review updated terms and conditions and privacy policies for websites and newsletters to which you are subscribed. We have, too! This is due to the upcoming implementation of the EU’s “GDPR” (General Data Protection Regulation) on May 25, 2018. We’ve got a…

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New Redesigned Website for Culpepper Garden

Screen Recording 2018-02-09 at 11.53 AM

We recently launched a new website for a local senior living facility. Culpepper Garden is an award-winning, nonprofit retirement community specifically designed to provide security, comfort and affordable, quality living for people age 62 and older in Arlington, Virginia. Over the past year, we worked with the management of Culpepper Garden to carefully and thoughtfully…

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It's all about the "S": Google and its HTTPS Policy


Head S Up if you are not using https! Google has a policy regarding HTTPS on websites that you should know about. As a primary internet browser, dictates some best practices for website owners and developers. In the recent past, for example, Google started “requiring” websites to be mobile responsive in order to rank well…

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An Effective Website Planning, Design and Development Process


Building an effective new website, like many things, cannot be done in a bubble and takes time and collaboration to be successful. We recently completed a website project that went very smoothly because the process was so well planned and organized and because the client participated in the process enthusiastically. Here is our Guide To…

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