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Tips for Maximizing your Investment in Professional Photography

Photo of Rebecca DrobisWe're excited to share this guest post from Rebecca Drobis of Rebecca Drobis Photography. Rebecca is a Washington DC-based photographer whose images tell human stories. Her photojournalism training instilled in her a keen sense of observation and the ability to capture impactful moments. She is especially adept at building genuine connections, putting subjects at ease, and capturing the distinctive “ah-ha!" moments that tell the brand or institution's story, with warmth and authenticity. Her work has been recognized by The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, The American Farmland Trust, Best of American Society of Media Photographers and much more. View her work and learn more at https://rebeccadrobis.com/.

Are you hiring a professional photographer to capture a “day-in-the-life” of your org or brand? After more than a decade of working with clients on this type of content, I’ve accrued some tips that seem to be universally relevant for this type of work, regardless of sector. Here are some recommendations for getting the most out of this important investment:

Schedule a strategy session:

I like to spend time before a shoot listening to my clients and gaining insights about their needs, goals, and upcoming strategic initiatives. What would success look like for this shoot? Also, be sure to be realistic about what can be accomplished in a single day - lean on your photographer for guidance.

Prioritize your needs:

Make an ideal shot list. What are the must-haves, what are the nice-to-haves, where is your current photo library lacking? Prioritize your needs so that your photographer can be sure to capture the must-have images.

Think ahead about placement + design needs:

What are you going to use these photos for? Be sure to communicate that info to your photographer. Do you need images for the super wide landing page of your website? Will these images be used for a magazine, annual report or other printed collateral? What orientation would fit these needs? Check in with your designers and web/digital team to get their preferences and specifications. This pays off in the long run - much easier than trying to fit a horizontal photo onto a vertical magazine cover later on.

Plan the day, but don’t overplan:

Allow room for serendipity. Oftentimes the best photographs happen in between planned shots, when you’re just wandering around - and BAM - a beautiful impromptu moment winds up being the favorite image of the day.

Woman hugging child in nature
Photo by Rebecca Drobis

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