Just "being online" is not enough these days. A lot of clients tell us they want professional website development so they can have a presence online, but don't actually view their website as an active marketing tool.

There is a lot of data that can tell you about your audience and help guide strategies that will help make your website an effective marketing and sales tool. We work with you to develop and evolve strategies to make sure your website is helping your business.

When you work with Design TLC, we are part of your team. We view your website as an investment in your business and work with you to ensure that you love the result ... both in design and in meeting your business goals.

Once your website launches, the process should not be over. We can help maintain your website and keep it updated with new content, as well as look at the data and do testing to optimize your website performance.




First we meet with you to talk about your business, your target market, your goals and past experiences. This helps us get to know you and come up with a comprehensive plan for your website that will help ensure its success. If you have an existing website, we look closely at that to see what should and should not move to your new site. We put together a development schedule in our project management system to keep us organized and streamline communication.



After we have agreed on a plan, Design TLC helps you create the content for your website to ensure it communicates your message and helps you get found on the internet. Relevant content that is targeted towards what your users are looking for is a key to your website's success. We work with you to create strong messaging for your website and then incorporate this content into a design that fits your brand. We have two stages in the design process: first, we define which content goes where and then we present design concepts for several pages of the website. We revise and refine this design to make sure it is something you love!



When the design is approved, we create a custom theme for WordPress. The theme is the "decoration" which dictates the way the website looks on the front end. We may start with a framework called Genesis, which is well-coded and built for speed, security and search engine optimization. In addition, we install a Page Builder that makes it pretty easy for you make edits to your site. Before your website goes "live" we test it in different browsers and on different devices to make sure it is functioning properly. You get to review the site on a test or staging server and we make edits and tweaks until you are ready for LAUNCH!



Our job is not over after your website is live. We can help you maintain your website - from basic updates of software to on-going content updates and performance analysis. A website is a dynamic tool that should be enhanced to make it most effective. By analyzing behavior of website visitors, we can learn what is and is not working on your website and take steps to improve its performance.

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Nice Work, LLC  is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in website for medium size businesses.
Co-Founders Tara Claeys and Evelyn Powers and their team at Nice Work offer strategic digital marketing services, including branding, conversion-driven websites and print materials.

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