New website for Bridges to Independence

We were pleased and honored to work with another wonderful nonprofit organization, Bridges to Independence, to help them launch a new and improved website. Their former site was out of date, and although built with WordPress, was very difficult to update and edit. It needed performance improvements, as well as better messaging to make it easier for website visitors to know what the organization does, and how to help.

New Nonprofit Home Page and Website Design

We brightened the color palette slightly, added more white space, and created a more action-oriented headline and calls to action at the top of the home page. The photo elicits an immediate feeling, and lets the visitor know that the organization works with families. We created an engaging animated version of the logo element to draw attention to the mission statement. The old home page was dark and did not have much information. We added information about all the programs offered by Bridges, as well as some statistics, and examples of community activity and how to volunteer or support the nonprofit organization.

Old website homepage
New website homepage (click to view)

Technical WordPress Improvements

We started from scratch with a new theme for the new design, and used a page builder to make editing easy for the client going forward. We cleaned up the page structure, being sure to create redirects for any changed or removed urls. We also imported all the blog content and images from the old website. On the back end of the website, we built a system that makes it easy to add new events, while also displaying annual events so this information is available even when the next year’s event is not scheduled. The Staff and Board content is also easy to add and update.

Using new hosting at Kinsta, best practices for development and reliable tools, we were able to improve the website speed and overall performance of the website.

old website speed
Old website performance
New nonprofit website improved performance
New website improved performance

We created custom meta descriptions for every page, to help with SEO.

Nonprofit Website Specialists

We love working with nonprofit organizations and helping them in their mission to make the world a better place! It is wonderful to know that their website looks, functions and performs better after we launch it, and that it is better positioned to generate support from the online and local community they serve.

A portion of this project was donated as part of our Pro Bono TLC From The Heart program.