Design TLC uses WordPress, the world's leading website platform. We love WordPress because it is flexible, fun and supported by an amazing community of designers, developers, content marketers and more!

What is WordPress?

WordPress was launched in 2003 as an open source (free) blogging tool. It’s grown to be the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web, powering over 60 million sites. WordPress is used by global brands, leading companies, newspapers and magazines. Because it is free and so widely used, it is also in continual development and always enhancing and increasing its functionality.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is relatively easy to learn. eliminating the need for on-staff web developers to make updates or post blog content. Website redesigns can be relatively quick and easy as well, and even with a major redesign, the back-end interface remains the same. The default installation of WordPress is already very search engine-friendly. In addition, developers around the world are constantly releasing plug-ins that extend WordPress’s already impressive functionality into new areas.

Why Genesis for WordPress?

Genesis is a trusted framework built by StudioPress and currently in use on over 300,000 WordPress sites. If WordPress is the "engine of your car," Genesis is the auto frame.

The core structure of Genesis is optimized for search engines, so websites have a vital head start in obtaining better rankings. The framework is built in HTML5, the latest code standard, and is fully responsive for mobile devices, tablets and smaller displays. It comes with exceptional security built in, so your website is strongly protected against hacking and other malicious exploits. Finally, Genesis is lightweight and quick – unlike many premium WordPress themes that are often weighed down with bloated code and unnecessary features. That means your site’s pages will load significantly faster, which is good for visitors and Google rankings.