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Make Sure Your School Website Design is Mobile Friendly


Does your school website design make it easy for users to navigate on their smart phone or tablet?In the last decade, the world of website design has changed dramatically, mainly due to increased use of the smartphone. In 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic originated from a smartphone. No longer do designers have a large,…

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The robots.txt file, or what a bot can do on your website


As we mentioned in a previous blog post, each search engine on the web has its own robots, or bots, constantly crawling sites. These bots are not limited to Google and Bing and Yahoo. Any social media application (think Facebook or Pinterest) has its own crawling bots, as do aggregators such as msn or cnn.…

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I did a website refresh and now I get a 404 error. Help!


As wonderful as the design of your current website is, at some point you will want to do a website refresh. It is a good idea to periodically review your website and update the content and design. The information on your website should be up to date, including test and images. Website design, functionality and…

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What Is a Sitemap and Why Do You Need One?


A site map is the structure or list of pages on a website. Let’s learn more and understand what does a sitemap do? A Site Map Is a Plan A key part of the website strategic planning process is the development of the site map. A site map can simply be a list of pages…

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New Preschool and Child Care Center Website

Kid Works Creative Learning Centers

Kid Works Creative Learning Centers in Cincinnati, Ohio discovered Design TLC through the GoDaddy Pro program. Our specialty is developing websites for preschools, school and enrichment programs, so we were happy they found us! We loved working with their team to develop a more user-friendly, informative and well-designed new website. “Relaxing” Process Our process for…

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WordPress Tags are Not The Same As Instagram Hashtags

Files with tags

Do you know the difference between a WordPress tag and hashtags used on social media? Not all tags are the same! Instagram Hashtags At Design TLC, we are fans of Instagram (follow our new-ish Instagram page here). Instagram has become a popular social media tool, and is widely used as a marketing tool. The popularity…

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