Design TLC Team

We Care About The Work We Do.

Founded in 2010, Design TLC is a team of professional and talented nonprofit and school website providers. We specialize in websites for small schools, enrichment programs, camps and education-focused nonprofits. We put TLC into every website we create. Meet our team!


Tara Claeys

Founder and Creative Director
Favorite Charity: Aspire Afterschool
Memorable Teacher: Mr. McGrath
Meet Tara

Lauren Krieger

Client and Creative Services Assistant
Favorite Charity: South West Florida Horse Rescue
Memorable Teacher: Mrs. Green
Meet Lauren
Tom Ransom Developer

Tom Ransom

Senior Developer
Favorite Charity: Wild Whatcom
Memorable Teacher: Mr. Hawker
Meet Tom

Charu Choudhary

Favorite Charity: Shree Krishnayan Desi Gauraksha Avam Golokdham Sewa Samiti
Memorable Teacher: Mrs. Seema Chowdhary
Meet Charu
Elana Gaines

Elana Gaines

Favorite Charity: Take Paws Rescue
Memorable Teacher: Mr. Lee
Meet Elana

Miki Boulin

Social Media Manager
Favorite Charity: Any local animal rescue
Memorable Teacher: Mary Wanless
Meet Miki

Barb Doyle

Accessibility Associate
Favorite Charity: Donate Life Connecticut
Memorable Teacher: Mrs. Mills
Meet Barb

Betsy Withycombe

Favorite Charity: Planned Parenthood
Memorable Teacher: Mrs. Bixby
Meet Betsy