Adonay Tesfamichael


Favorite Charity:

I appreciate charities that focus on both animal welfare and human care. I am proud to be an Americorps staff member at Aspire Afterschool Learning.

Memorable Teacher:

I’m deeply thankful for every teacher I’ve had. They’ve taught me important lessons and helped me grow, not just in school but as a person. Their support and guidance have made a big difference in my life, shaping who I am today and motivating me to always do my best. I especially remember Ms. Stamps, my first English teacher when I came to the United States.

The Sun makes a sound but we can’t hear it.

Adonay is an intern at Design TLC, specializing in using WordPress to help create engaging websites. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at George Mason University, with an expected graduation date of May 2026. Adonay brings a solid foundation from his Associate’s degree at Northern Virginia Community College. Passionate about software engineering, he leverages his skills in Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and MySQL to deliver high-quality web solutions. Adonay is based in Arlington, VA and is also an AmeriCorps staff member at Aspire Afterschool Learning.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain