Mission & Vision

Our Philosophy

When it came time to remember and redefine why Design TLC exists, we knew we needed to create a full philosophy on what we value and what we’re here to do.

Mission-driven web design for school websites and nonprofits

We believe in making a difference.

Whether it’s by improving the lives of those around us, or listening deeply to one another to ease struggles, or inspiring the next generation of helpers who are here to make a big impact: Caring for others gives life meaning.

Our clients, primarily schools and non-profits, are aligned in this purpose: To build a better tomorrow by empowering people today.

It’s why we design with love and care, so our clients can communicate their values and build lasting relationships that make the world a better place.

We believe in aiming higher.

Our goal is to leave each corner of the internet we touch better than how we found it:

Happier. Clearer. More inspiring, functional, and beautiful.

We believe in creating better websites and lives.

Design TLC is more than just our name. It’s how we operate.

Our Mission

Our mission at Design TLC is to help small schools and nonprofit organizations better represent themselves online and to make building, owning, and maintaining a website a stress-free and easy process. We specialize in web design for small schools, preschools, camps, enrichment programs and education-focused nonprofits.

Our Vision

Our vision is to exceed expectations by creating websites for organizations and small businesses that are lasting and effective, using a process that is easy, educational, and enjoyable for all involved.

Ready for an inspiring website that is both functional and beautiful? Let’s get started.