Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our mission at Design TLC is to help educational organizations better represent themselves online and to make building, owning, and maintaining a website a stress-free and easy process. We specialize in working with small schools/preschools, camps, enrichment programs and education-focused nonprofits.

Our Vision

Our vision is to exceed expectations by creating websites for organizations and small businesses that are lasting and effective, using a process that is easy, educational, and enjoyable for all involved.

Our Values

Customer Commitment

We do our best for our clients and our community. Always.


We provide a high quality product and service.
We love helping to solve problems and being your hero!


We are personally accountable for honoring our commitments.


We are fair and honest.


We respect our client's business, and ask that our process and business be respected in return.

Good Citizenship

We enjoy taking part in our local and worldwide community, helping to foster a spirit of positivity and collaboration.

We stand for equality and justice.