Tom Ransom

Senior Developer

Favorite Charity:

I love the work that Wild Whatcom ( does introducing the out-of-doors to various communities. I was lucky enough to have met the founders as they found their place in the community. The organization has grown to offer programs for kids, and adults (including women-only and LGBTQ+) and integrates the wonderful outdoor opportunities in this Pacific Northwest community.

Memorable Teacher:

I credit my marketing B.S skills to my high school debate coach, Mr. Hawker who threw all in the deep end where we learned to swim (intellectually). I can not count often in my career – those experiences have benefited me so that I can speak to large groups without fear of stage fright or construct an argument to support my viewpoint.

  • Learner of the World
  • Puzzler & Code Master
  • Music Enthusiast

Tom Ransom is our Senior Developer specializing in WordPress website development. He is always learning – whether it’s a new coding technique or a productivity hack – so he can continually step up his skillset. 

Outside of work, Tom loves to learn about different cultures, read non-fiction, and check out documentaries. He also loves to listen live music and is happy that his home state of Tennessee has more musicians per square mile than most places on Earth. He’s probably working on a code right now to figure out how schedule and budget to see them all!

“I love working with puzzles. Every line of code or website problem or business need is just a puzzle that needs to be solved.”