Charu Choudhary


Favorite Charity:

I love to feed cows at gaushala (cow shelter). Shree Krishnayan Desi Gauraksha Avam Golokdham Sewa Samiti, an organization that shelters destitute cows & bulls mostly abandoned by their owners in India.

Memorable Teacher:

Mrs. Seema Chowdhary is my role model. She was my teacher for 7th-12th grade. She has a unique way of explaining her methods of solving problems. She made even the most complex of problems look simple and made lessons very easy for all students to understand. 

  • Achiever & Learner
  • Believes in the mantra, “Honesty is the best policy”
  • Inspired to Overcome

Charu Choudhary is a valued member of the Design TLC team, specializing in WordPress website development. She has extensive experience building high-quality websites and helps bring professional website designs to life.

She is inspired to go above and beyond by her clients. She believes that everyday life comes with new struggles and new opportunities to achieve life goals.

Outside of work, Charu loves to spend time with her family, shop, and cook.

“I love my work because it’s satisfying to me. If my skills can make other people’s professional work easier, that is the greatest feeling.”