Elana Gaines


Favorite Charity:

I love animals and support the missions of many animal welfare non-profits. Extra near and dear to my heart is Take Paws Rescue, the rescue organization in New Orleans from which I adopted my dogs. They have expanded their network tremendously over the years, which has allowed them to make a huge impact on saving the lives of animals across Louisiana.

Memorable Teacher:

My high school Calculus teacher, Mr. Lee, demonstrated a passion for teaching and taught with energy that was unusual for a math class. He showed me that math and art did not have to be entirely separate, which inspired me to pursue a career in design where I can use both the creative and analytical parts of my brain.

  • Problem Solver
  • Renovator
  • Loves a Fresh Challenge

Elana Gaines, a Design TLC designer, has an eye for beauty and functionality. Whether she’s creating a design that meets all of her client’s requirements, renovating her 100+ year old home, or completing a puzzling project, she is a problem solver who is always seeking a fresh challenge. She loves to work with her clients to discover and design a solution that brings their visions to life.