Why Your Nonprofit Needs Blog Posts


Does your nonprofit website include blog posts? As the year winds down, you may are probably setting goals for the new year. While the list of tasks to complete before the holidays grows, you’re probably also checking in on the success of your marketing efforts this year. Are there gaps in your marketing plan that…

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Preparing your nonprofit website holiday campaigns


The holiday season usually means relaxing and quality time spent with close friends and family; however, if you work at a nonprofit organization, it’s normally your busiest time of year. Not only does the holiday season bring joy and cheer to many, it also brings campaigns and donation drives that take months of preparation. In…

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When Should You Use Accordions on Your Website


Using accordions on a website can make the content easier to read at a glance and avoid overwhelming a website visitors with too many words. However, it should not be overused as accordions can also make a website harder to use by forcing too much clicking to access important information. Let’s get an overview of…

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Tips for Improving Alumni Engagement for Small Schools


The pandemic has disrupted nearly everything about education for schools, alumni engagement included – especially in smaller schools. Students of all ages have sacrificed so much during the pandemic: their regular lifestyles, class schedules, social lives on campus, extracurricular activities, the list goes on and on! After everything students have been through this last year…

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How much does a school website cost?


Your school needs a new, fresh website. One reason you may be putting this off is because you are worried that a website refresh is more than you can afford. A professional school website plays a huge role in the success of a school. It’s a key part of your overall marketing strategy and can…

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4 Key School Website Performance Metrics and Why They Matter


When you’re running a school or nonprofit organization, it’s crucial to work out the balance between “nice-to-have” and “need-to-have.” Some things are “nice to have.” For example, a few less meetings so you can focus more time to get stuff done. Some things are “need to have.” A website – a good, working website –…

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What is a CDN and How Do I Use It on My Website?


We’ve written about caching – what it is and how to clear your cache. A related topic is the impact of a CDN on caching – let’s go over what a CDN is, why you might use it and how to connect it to your website. What is a CDN? CDN stands for Content Distribution…

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Does your WordPress website load in under 3 seconds?


Google favors websites that load in under 3 seconds, because that is a benchmark for a better user experience and website performance. It shouldn’t be hard to make your website load this fast, but many websites fail to meet this benchmark. We recently started working with a nonprofit whose WordPress website looks pretty good, but…

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Design TLC Wins Platinum Hermes Creative Award


Design TLC was awarded a best school website award from the Platinum Hermes Creative Award for 2021 for the development of the microsite for Wittenberg University. We worked with the multi-talented Edit Barry and Allison Le of E&Aco to build a microsite for the University’s $100 million capital campaign, “Having Light.” The development project included…

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How To Increase Your School’s Email Open Rates in 2021


From relaying important updates to sharing fun events happening at your school, sending email newsletters is important for building community and engagement at your school, as well as serving as a marketing tool for retention and prospective families. You may be wondering if email marketing is even still worth it in today’s times. The answer…

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4 reasons why WordPress is perfect for small school websites


At DesignTLC, we proudly use WordPress to design websites for our clients. There are plenty of other platforms available, like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace, and Finalsite is a big name in school websites. WordPress is our favorite for four reasons:  Ease of Use Ownership Extendabilty Community  1. Affordability  It’s no secret that good quality website…

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Come back strong after winter break with these quick school marketing plans


With the holidays this week, schools were recently released for winter break until January. While it’d be nice to take the entire break off, this is a great opportunity for you to revamp your private school website and marketing plan through some quick, painless projects that put you in a better, less stressful position next…

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