Design TLC Wins Platinum Hermes Creative Award


Design TLC was awarded a best school website award from the Platinum Hermes Creative Award for 2021 for the development of the microsite for Wittenberg University. We worked with the multi-talented Edit Barry and Allison Le of E&Aco to build a microsite for the University’s $100 million capital campaign, “Having Light.” The development project included…

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How To Increase Your School’s Email Open Rates in 2021


From relaying important updates to sharing fun events happening at your school, sending email newsletters is important for building community and engagement at your school, as well as serving as a marketing tool for retention and prospective families. You may be wondering if email marketing is even still worth it in today’s times. The answer…

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4 reasons why WordPress is perfect for small school websites


At DesignTLC, we proudly use WordPress to design websites for our clients. There are plenty of other platforms available, like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace, and Finalsite is a big name in school websites. WordPress is our favorite for four reasons:  Ease of Use Ownership Extendabilty Community  1. Affordability  It’s no secret that good quality website…

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What is the difference between a logotype, logomark, and logo lockup?

Your logo is a huge part of your school or organization’s branding. It’s your first impression to the world, the image of your brand. The term “logo” is actually quite general, as there are several categories of logos. When creating a logo, you may be asked, “Do you want a logomark or a logotype?” What’s…

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We must stand up and speak out. Silence is ok when it is done to listen, but silence can also be a way to avoid the risk of saying the wrong thing. It is encouraging to see many businesses making public statements in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Importantly, these statements affirm that a…

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Don’t Make a Mistake With Your Website Contact Form


Contact forms are a critical element on your website. We’ve written a blog post about contact form delivery issues. No website should be without a contact form/page. However, if you have one and the wrong person (or no person!) is notified when someone fills out your contact form, your organization is missing opportunities and losing…

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What Should Be On Your School Website Homepage

SVG LinkedIn Post Header

Your school website home page is often (but not always – more on that in a future blog post!) the first page people come across when they visit your website. It’s usually the page that gets the most attention during the website design and development process, with good reason. We love designing home pages for…

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Use SVGs for Your Logo


When I wrote about SVGs in 2016, it was big news. It’s standard for us now to use SVG format for logos on websites we develop. I am always surprised at the number of new websites launched with PNG format logos. Everyone should use SVG format logos on their websites in 2020! SVG stands for…

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How to add a user in Google Search Console


Google Search Console is an essential tool for analyzing website performance. Web developers should have access to their client’s Google Search Console in order to submit sitemaps and monitor and fix any errors. Search Console also provides valuable information for SEOs to see what search terms people are using to find your website. If you…

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Creating New Opportunities with Online Courses


The Coronavirus Shutdown has been devastating for many small businesses. After school classes, camps and other in-person enrichment programs have had to pivot to survive. We recently helped Tiny Chefs create a full online cooking course for kids and families in order to continue to offer their creative programming during a time when everyone is…

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What Is Your School Website’s Call To Action During COVID-19?


A call to action (CTA) is a prompt on a website that tells the user to take some specified action. We see “Sign Up” or “Add To Cart” buttons serving as CTA’s on sales or lead-generating websites. For school websites, the CTA is usually an invitation to visit the school or attend an open house…

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Should Your School Work on Website SEO and New Content During COVID-19?


With so many changes happening, we’ve seen a drop off in interest in SEO for school websites during the COVID-19 crisis. However, we believe a focus on SEO and website content right now can actually help private schools prepare for uncertainty and implement a successful strategy for minimizing attrition and growing enrollment during and beyond…

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