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ChatGPT Prompts to Support Your Small School’s Marketing Strategy

ChatGPT for small schools
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ChatGPT is upleveling the marketing game for many industries, including education. For the busy small school marketer working with limited staffing and resources, ChatGPT could be a lifesaver in developing content like social media copy, blog posts, marketing emails, and more. We recently published a blog post about the potential use cases of ChatGPT for school marketers, check it out here

The challenge with writing prompts for ChatGPT

A perk of using ChatGPT is the ability to input prompts written in a more conversational language. While this makes user experience a bit better, that casual level of text does slightly limit ChatGPT’s ability to deliver on that prompt if the prompt is overly-simplified. The key to a stronger result is specifying your prompt and making it more detailed. 

For example, you could ask ChatGPT to write a short welcome email for new school families ahead of the first day of school, which is a short and simple prompt. Here is ChatGPT’s response to that exact task: 

ChatGPT for small schools

The response is pretty good! But, if you input a more specific, thoughtful prompt, the response will be more tailored and usable in your marketing strategy. Long story short, taking a little more time to be more thoughtful with the prompt you assign ChatGPT can positively affect the result. See our example below: 

ChatGPT for small schools

Just by slightly specifying the prompt, you can receive a much more detailed response that better meets your criteria. In this blog post, we’ll suggest a variety of detailed prompt examples to input into ChatGPT to achieve high-impact results for your small school’s marketing strategy based on the type of content you are looking to develop. 

Social Media Prompts

  • Develop a social media campaign strategy: “Write a social media campaign strategy around this campaign (link to campaign website) and include which social channel to focus on, the target audience, suggested posts, post frequency, suggested hashtags, and any influencers I should reach out to.”
  • Write a Twitter bio: “Write a short, interesting Twitter bio for this (school/organization) (insert website link) that relates to this niche/industry. Include our school hashtag (hashtag) and the emoji related to our mascot, (list emoji).”
  • Create an Instagram carousel: “Create a creative Instagram carousel around (this topic) and explain how you would organize each slide. For each slide of the carousel write a suggested title that I can copy and paste. And generate a caption for the post with suggested hashtags.”
  • Write copy for a social media ad: “Write a compelling ad between 150-200 words to increase website traffic to this school’s donation page (link to website) that targets the ideal audiences and highlights the benefits of donating to the small school. The ad copy should be optimized to reach the audience and should have a strong call to action to encourage donations.”
  • Write the caption for a social media post: “Write a caption for a social media post about (insert topic) and provide a caption for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn with the post optimized for each platform. Use relatable emojis and the most popular hashtags.”

Blogging Prompts 

  • For your content calendar: “Write a monthly content calendar for the month of April with two blog posts a week focused around these three key phrases (insert key phrases). Write strong SEO titles for each article and suggest what type of featured image best supports the article.”
  • To help tag blog posts: “For a blog article about (insert topic), please suggest 3-5 strong tags for the article.” (Note: You can also copy and paste your blog text in the prompt to generate a stronger response).
  • To get crafty with blog ideas: “Generate 10-15 blog post ideas around (insert broad topic) and include SEO titles and meta description for each blog post idea.”
  • Reuse a blog post for social media content: “Develop 5 tweets and 5 LinkedIn posts from this blog post (insert blog copy here). Make sure the tweets are engaging and creative and the LinkedIn posts include compelling quotes. Suggest emojis.”
  • Develop call to actions for a blog post: “Develop 3 compelling call to actions based on this blog article on (insert topic). Have one call to action lead to this donation site (insert link) and another one focus on following my Twitter account @username.”
  • Fine-tune content to be more creative: “Read this blog post (insert blog copy here) and suggest how I can make it more creative, from the perspective of an expert on the topic.”

Email Marketing Prompts

  • Marketing emails to encourage volunteers: “Write an email from a small school that targets parents of current students, encouraging them to volunteer for (event). The event is (event description) and would require an hour of their time. Also include a call to action for small monetary donations if they cannot donate their time, and draft a short sign-up form to collect necessary information like name, email, phone number, and the name of their child.”
  • Emails to encourage interested parents: “Write a marketing email to parents who may be interested in enrolling their student in (school name) based in (city, state) with information from the school website (link website). The email should encourage parents to schedule a school tour and reach out to the administrator via email with any questions.”
  • Questions to promote more engaging emails: 
    • “How do you engage inactive email subscribers?” 
    • “How can I quickly build my email list?” 
    • “How can I optimize my school marketing emails for mobile devices?” 
    • “How can A/B testing help improve my email conversion rate?” 

Website Copy Prompts 

  • Write an FAQ page: “Generate a list of frequently asked questions a parent with children attending (school name) might have based on the school’s website (school website link here), and provide answers to each question.”
  • Craft a compelling mission statement: “Draft a powerful mission statement for a small private Montessori preschool school named (school name) based in (city, state) that has values around children’s independence and enrichment and quality of education.”
  • Enhance your donation and volunteer page: “Write website copy for a webpage that encourages parents and school volunteers to make donations to the school and sign up for volunteer slots for (list example activities).”
  • Website multimedia: “Write a script for a 30 second promotional video to enhance the brand of (school name) including strong quotes from several senior staff members, and feature what makes the school special, like (example). Encourage viewers to schedule a tour of the school.” 

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