What Makes a Good Nonprofit Website


Contrary to popular belief, a good non-profit website doesn’t need to cost tens of thousands of dollars; however, it needs to be functional, easy to navigate, and eye-catching for your audiences. There are several elements that are included in the formula of a strong non-profit website.  To build a solid, functioning non-profit website, you must…

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4 Ways to Build a More Creative School Website


A solid small school website encapsulates its mission, values, communities, and instruction style. Once you have built a basic framework to a stellar school website, there are still ways to boost overall creativity and give your site the “wow” factor it needs to stand out in the crowd.  If your school communities, students, and curriculum…

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Website content your private school needs to increase virtual connections


As the pandemic reaches its two-year benchmark and some parts of instruction remain virtual, it’s important that your private school website content prioritizes virtual connection with your school families, as meetings, open houses, and other events become less frequent in-person.  Your school website needs to be easy to navigate, chock-full of helpful resources, and respect…

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SEO for Schools


Connecting keyword research to your target audiences and content in 2022 Statistics are out showing trends in Google Search in 2021. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. (Webfx) Only about 8% of online searches are phrased as a question. (Moz) After searching on a smartphone for something nearby, 76% of people end…

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Nonprofit Website Trends for 2022


It’s officially 2022— happy New Year! Does your nonprofit have any New Year’s resolutions? If so, add refreshing your nonprofit website to the list. Let’s get your nonprofit’s website plans in motion.  2022 will be full of new website trends that can boost the performance of your nonprofit website.  After researching this year’s website predictions,…

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Does your school website design need a refresh in 2022?


Is your school website design looking a bit dated? The year is winding down, the holiday season is upon us! At this point in the year, students are preparing to be released for holiday break and your team is tying off projects and prepping for the next semester.  As you dig into your Winter 2022…

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How to develop a messaging framework for your small school


As we enter the holiday season, tie off 2021 and prepare for the new year, you may find an opportunity to revisit the effectiveness of your small school’s messaging and how well you’re communicating with your audiences. How would you sell your school to parents if you only had two sentences? What makes your school…

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5 best practices for your non-profit website

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Overhauling a non-profit website, or going through a re-designing phase is no easy feat, and it can be difficult to know what to prioritize. Or, sometimes it’s difficult to know when your website is ready for a refresh, especially if you don’t know the criteria that make up a great non-profit website. In this article,…

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Summer projects for your school website


Summer is rapidly approaching, and as your students are anticipating the upcoming summer vacation, it’s time to start preparing your school’s website for the next school year.  Website upkeep isn’t easy work. However, it is crucial to ensure your website is reaching its full potential. In this article we’ll list some great website update projects…

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SEO copywriting hacks for your school website


It can be frustrating when you spend hours developing content for your school website without seeing any improvements in search rankings, enrollments, etc. If you find yourself in this case, it’s time to dial in on the actual content you’re writing. You could build out your website’s content for days, but none of it could…

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How to build a great nonprofit mission statement


A mission statement is the foundation of any organization. It defines the culture and can influence every aspect of a business or organization.  Mission statements are usually concise and to the point. It can be difficult to capture the essence of your organization in one simple sentence. The process of building a nonprofit mission statement…

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Tips for developing clear messaging for your school


Your school’s messaging is incredibly important when it comes to website design and development. Imagery, multimedia elements and other flashy features may get the attention of your website visitors, but it’s the content of your website’s message that will hook them in for more.  It’s important that your school’s messaging is centered around a small…

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