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What Is Your School Website’s Call To Action During COVID-19?

A call to action (CTA) is a prompt on a website that tells the user to take some specified action. We see “Sign Up” or “Add To Cart” buttons serving as CTA’s on sales or lead-generating websites. For school websites, the CTA is usually an invitation to visit the school or attend an open house or information session. Every website should have a call to action!

It’s fair to assume that people know school buildings are closed and in-person events are canceled while we deal with COVID-19. That doesn’t mean that you should not edit your website CTA and other content to address your current situation and alternate opportunities for prospective families to learn about your school.

As we noted in our recent post about SEO during COVID-19, it is important to update your website content to include an explanation of how your school is responding to the shutdown, and to update your Google My Business listing.

Have you checked your website since the shutdown started to make sure that your main CTA does not go to an RSVP page for an event that has been canceled? Have you adjusted your contact form to display or email a message to the user which accurately describes your availability and current tour and information session process?

Virtual Options

Many schools are taking advantage of this time to create video virtual tours and other video content that shows the highlights of the school, features students and faculty (current testimonials from home or past footage showing activities at the school) and allows prospective families to get an idea of that makes their school special. Another option, in addition to on-demand videos, is scheduled live presentations where prospective families can ask questions and hear from your administrators in real time.

Whichever option you use during this time, be sure that you clearly communicate how prospective families can learn more about your school or organization; whether it is a video, sign up form or contact form.

An out-of-date website does not reflect well on your operations. Have someone take a look at your school website’s call to action and messaging on your website to make sure it doesn’t confuse prospective families or provide incorrect information.

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