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Backlinks: How to see who is linking to your website

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… and why you should care A very important factor in improving a website’s rank in search engines is backlinks. The more quality websites that link to your website, the better your chances of ranking higher in Google searches. Checking Links To Your Website There are many free tools that provide backlink information about any…

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What You Need to Know About Website Redirects


Do you know how to redirect a webpage or what that means? Just as you need to notify the post office to forward your mail when you move to a new address, the same needs to be done when you change your any url/permalink on your website. The url/permalink is the “address” of each page…

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Schedule Your Website Cleanups Like Martha


Martha Stewart, the Queen of Housekeeping has a recommended schedule for house cleaning and maintenance. We often describe a website as being like a house when we talk about the relationship between website files, domains and hosting. In this case, we are going to recommend scheduling website cleanups similar to Martha’s household schedule. Weekly Website…

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How Can You Optimize Your Content for Voice Search?


With voice search quickly becoming a part of everyday life, it is increasingly important to optimize your website to meet its unique demands. Many statistics showcase the “voice search revolution.” Some studies estimate that by 2020, 50% of searches will be performed by voice and 30% won’t even use a screen. Currently 1 in 6…

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Make Your WordPress Website Better With Categories & Tags

Planning Website Content

You’ve researched your keywords and written quality content, but without the right taxonomies, you are missing an important step that could make a big difference in your ability to reach your audience. For WordPress, these default taxonomies are called “categories” and “tags”, and they are vital keys to getting the best results from your work.…

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