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Why We Use Beaver Builder to Create WordPress Websites


We use Beaver Builder to create nice looking, creative and user-friendly websites for clients. In 2015, we kept hearing great things about this front end page builder. At the time, we built child themes using the popular, well-coded Genesis framework. This worked well for us, and we grew accustomed to the widgetized front page and…

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How To Create Your Best Website


One of the great things about a website as a marketing tool is that it is dynamic. A website can be frequently changed and updated, unlike printed materials. For example, if you print 1,000 brochures and then decide to change your pricing, the process and expense in editing and reprinting the brochures can be prohibitive.…

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Get over your fear! SVGs are not SCARY Vector Graphics

Screenshot 2016-12-17 20.33.17

If you’re like me, there is never enough time to learn ALL the things you want to. I keep hearing about how amazing SVGs are, but have been scared to learn how to create them and work with them. Even more intimidating…. Adding animation! Why SVG? You might first wonder why you should use an…

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3 Practical Ways To Have Good UX AND “Cool” Design


I have recently been debating the conflict between creative, unique and “cool” website design and a good, effective user experience. As Steve Krug says in his book, Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, “The Farmer and the Cowhand Can Be Friends” (shout out to my fellow fans of musical theater!).…

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Creating mockup website images

Clusterflunk stock photo.

I recently updated my website portfolio to add screenshots and links to new websites I have created for clients. I created a Photoshop template (click to download and use! yourself!) to make it easier to make a consistent and professional look and control the screenshot view. Since I had already started this process when I created…

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