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Is Your Private School Tuition Information Updated and Easy to Find on Your Website?

As the summer season begins, parents and families will be planning their finances for the next school year. Families will plan to enroll their children in new schools, switch between different programs, and may stumble upon your website to look at your tuition rates. When they do this, it’s crucial to make sure that information is updated and easy to find. 

Tuition pages are in the top three most visited pages on a school’s website, though they are sometimes pushed aside to be filled with mundane numbers and information. A private school’s tuition page is a chance to tell a school’s personality, through images, testimonials, and promises of tuition affordability. 

Why it’s important to make sure your tuition information is updated and easily accessible

Tuition pages on private school websites are like transactional exchanges. The user clicks on your website to find updated information, digests that information, then leaves. Because of this reason, it must be easy for your school family to access your tuition page. 

Potential families and students will be actively searching for this information when they are scouting out new private schools. If they have to dig through your website to find the numbers they’re looking for, they may be inclined to search on another school’s website, where the information is more easily found, out of impatience. 

Factoring in ease of navigation when creating your private school website design is important to ensure that once families land on your page they don’t have any trouble finding the updated information they’re looking for.

Admissions website navigation menu
Make sure your tuition information is easy to find in your navigation menu.

Things to consider regarding your private school tuition information: 

  • Is your tuition information being updated this year? How much is changing? 
  • Are there new updates that require immediate attention from families? 
  • What are the consequences a family will face if they don’t receive information about the updates? 

If the consequences of missing the information are large, it’s important to make sure the information you’re trying to share can be found easily. Either through a colorful banner on your homepage or a pop-up on the website that says information has been updated. 

Ways to make your updated tuition information easier to find and understand  

Is your tuition information on your homepage? 

Be sure to include a direct link on your website to your tuition page for ease of access. A functional homepage that is easy to navigate with quick links that lead to updated information is crucial for helping users find the tuition information they’re looking for.

Here are a few ways to help parents, students, and families find your updated tuition information faster on your private school website: 

  • Set up page so the smallest number of clicks are required
    • No one wants to click through multiple links or go through an online form to get information. To avoid user impatience, include a direct link to your tuition rates on your homepage or main navigation menu. 
  • Limit the amount of options users have when looking for the tuition page 
    • Nothing is more overwhelming than a navigation menu with tons of options with information that possibly repeats itself. Keep your navigation menu stocked with a few featured links, including your tuition rates page, and leave it at that. 
  • Keep a simple design to eliminate confusion and page lagging 
    • Website design can be intricate and beautiful, with many showstopping elements that set you apart from competitors; however, with information as crucial as tuition updates, users will appreciate simplicity and ease of access over frill. 
  • Offer guidance to users
    • If your website requires quite a few link clicks to reach your tuition information, it’s helpful to users for you to link to other related pages on the bottom of each featured page. This helps users find information faster. 
  • Link to financial aid information
    • Tuition rates can seem intense, especially for parents who are just beginning their private school research. Having a direct link to your financial aid page that’s easy to find can be a breath of relief for parents. 

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