What is a Retina Image and Why Should You Use One on Your Website?


Retina Display is the registered trademark used by Apple for a HiDPI display technology which they started using in their latest devices such as ipad, iphone, and macbook pro. This technology basically displays more dots per inch than older devices ( around 300 DPI). This means crisper images and smoother font rendering. What this means…

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Taking and Selecting Great Photos for Your Website

Screenshot 2016-03-17 09.21.15

Today’s post is from guest blogger Lawerence Cheng, of Lawrence Cheng Photography. Lawerence is a professional photographer based in Arlington, VA who specializes in portraits and corporate photography. You’re probably aware that images do increase traffic to your website or social media feed. How much more traffic? Jeff Bullas, social marketing expert, cites the following…

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What's the Beef? Taking a Bite Out of the Hamburger Debate


I have a keen interest in hamburgers. They are not my favorite food … I am talking about the small, 3-lined menu icon that has been the topic of debate in the web design community. The icon was designed by Norm Cox as part of the user interface for the Xerox Star –  a “workstation”…

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