Advantages of Dynamic Content on WordPress Sites


Creating a more professional WordPress website can be done through enhancing site design and plugging in advanced features. Web developers will suggest these options to you; however, have you thought about including some dynamic content into your WordPress site to boost the overall user experience?  What is dynamic content?  Dynamic content is website content that…

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Lift your small school’s holiday spirits with these virtual ideas


The holidays are usually such an exciting part of the year, and COVID-19 will definitely impact this holiday season. With school communities trying to virtually engage away from each other, how are small schools supposed to foster a positive, optimistic culture for the holidays? If morale is low in your school community, don’t worry –…

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Benefits of working with a small website agency


Your school or non-profit organization’s website is your first impression to your audiences; if your website isn’t making the best first impression, you’re not maximizing your marketing potential.  To avoid this, you want to have a website that best represents your school or nonprofit’s interests. Of course, you can always create your own website –…

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How Google’s new COVID-19 attributes can help your small school or non-profit


As we all know, Coronavirus has sent the education industry through a loop, especially small, independent, and private schools. As the next school year’s recruiting season circles around and uncertainty continues, parents will begin their online research to find the best match for their child. Google My Business offers “attributes” which can help your audience…

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Aligning your small school’s SEO with its target audiences during COVID-19


Coronavirus has flipped the education world upside down. As this school year begins, teachers, students, and their families all adjust to new implications of online learning. Over the summer, enrollment in private, independent schools spiked as frustrated parents searched for alternatives to public school for their children. Enrollment for this school year may be a…

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Social Media Mistakes to Avoid During the Pandemic


Every time we blink, there’s COVID-19 social media content, especially on social media. Because of social distancing and COVID-19 safety regulations, more people are staying home and are increasingly active online. As the new school year begins, eyes turn to your school’s social media accounts to feel a sense of community that is usually felt…

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Preparing your website and messaging for Giving Tuesday


If you work for a non-profit organization, Giving Tuesday is probably somewhere in the back of your mind as you put together your more current fundraising campaigns. Though we’re still a few months out from the worldwide day of donating, it’s critical to begin planning with plenty of time in advance to organize your messaging…

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8 Guidelines for a Successful Online Fundraising Campaign


As a result of the pandemic, organizations have moved their businesses to be partially or completely virtual and digital. Non-profit organizations are no exception. As the digital world grows, this poses a great opportunity for non-profit organizations to run strong online fundraising campaigns to support their causes – especially in the education industry, which has…

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Google My Business Reviews for Schools and COVID-19 Resources


How Google My Business Reviews and other tools can support your school during the pandemic The pandemic continues to run its course in America; you and your staff surely feel overwhelmed as the upcoming school year begins or creeps nearer. An influx of parents are pulling their children from public K-12 schools and enrolling in…

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Design TLC’s online course building skills featured on LifterLMS podcast

LifterLMS ScreenCapture

Tara was excited to be featured on the LifterLMS podcast to discuss the online learning platform Design TLC created for Tiny Chefs.  Tara used LifterLMS software to build online cooking courses for children. These online courses have given Tiny Chefs a chance to market their products online at a time when in-person activities are prohibited.…

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Tell-tale signs your school website needs to be updated


Website technology is constantly evolving, bringing new updates designed to make our lives easier, especially in the means of digital marketing. Though staying up to date with every new plug-in and widget may be time-consuming, it’s worth it to keep your organization or school website fresh to make sure you’re maximizing your time and money. …

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Using Canva to custom-size your images


Adjusting your images to fit custom dimensions in WordPress can be frustrating, and sometimes time consuming without prior instructions. Luckily, Canva is a helpful tool that’s great for resizing your images for your WordPress site.  The first step is creating your free Canva account if you don’t already have one.  Next, in the top right…

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