School Marketing Strategies to Implement Over the Summer


Summer is in full swing, and your school planning for the next year is well underway by now. Between rearranging school calendars and creating virtual events, to adjusting curriculum and match remote learning requirements, you’re most likely up to your elbows in prepwork for the fall. To add to the laundry list, summer is also…

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Quick changes to effectively boost your school website’s news page


With the craziness of today’s current events, your school or organization’s website needs to be as functional and up to date as ever. With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on school communities and organizations, families are frantic for every update regarding the upcoming school year. In addition to informational updates, they will actively search for light-hearted, feel-good…

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Optimizing your website design through user tests


What are user tests?  There are many elements that go into the making of a new website for your school or nonprofit. A website needs to be clean and readable, attractive to viewers, and easy to navigate – it requires good overall usability. The most important information you’re trying to share should be easy to…

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Are you ensuring brand consistency in your school communications?


The brand of your school or business is its visual elevator pitch to the world. The company colors, the logo, imagery, and your tone all blend together to create your brand that has the potential to attract clients. Your brand is your chance to stand out against competitors. Because of this, having consistency in your…

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