Case Study – Grace Episcopal Day School


Design TLC recently launched a new site for Grace Episcopal Day School in Kensington, Maryland. Their old site was a Cold Fusion site built with the 3rd party school management system, Final Site. It was out of date, was not mobile responsive and was very hard for the school administration to update. The new website…

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Get over your fear! SVGs are not SCARY Vector Graphics

Screenshot 2016-12-17 20.33.17

If you’re like me, there is never enough time to learn ALL the things you want to. I keep hearing about how amazing SVGs are, but have been scared to learn how to create them and work with them. Even more intimidating…. Adding animation! Why SVG? You might first wonder why you should use an…

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3 CSS Properties To Be Excited About


I am excited – not only about these awesome CSS properties (I love the calc property!) , but also to have a guest post from a woman in tech who really knows her stuff! My friend, Beth Soderberg  is an independent web developer and digital communications consultant based in Washington, DC. In her free time, she…

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How to Turn Radio Buttons into Big Buttons in Your Gravity Form


Radio Buttons are Ugly! Radio Buttons do not create an eye-catching set of options for a donation form. Styled, big buttons are much better looking, professional and appealing I recently reached out in Slack and got a quick solution to turning my radio buttons into BIG BUTTONS. When collecting donations on a website, it is…

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