St. George Episcopal School is a private Junior Kindergarten-Grade 8 school in San Antonio, Texas.

The school administration had a clear idea of what they wanted in their new website. Their old website, which was also built with WordPress, was out of date and had not been maintained. They wanted a background video as the introduction to their website, and a professional design that showcased their school’s character.

Stand-Out Design

Working with designer Allison Le, we designed and created an elegant, unique, and professional website that helps position St.George as the top-notch institution it is known to be. Subtle backgrounds, a modern color palette and fonts, and advanced interactive elements combined make this website stand out! The school also produced a nice background video which they wanted to feature on the home page to help tell the school story.

Gradients, background pattern and hover effects make this website one-of-a-kind

Community Stories

Their alumni have gone on to top colleges and hold prestigious and interesting jobs, including Texas Assistant Attorney General and Shark Tank entrepreneur! We created a slider on the home page to feature alumni, parents and teachers describing what they love about St. George. This dynamic content does for social proof, showing potential families what is special about the school through the eyes of people who have been or are part of the community.

History Timeline

We used some animation and hover effects to create a timeline on the history page, which made use of some great old photography and documents.

We also used accordions and tables to help present content in that is easy to read on all devices.

Ease of Editing

While the St. George website contains a lot of complex elements, we built it so that they can easily edit the content themselves, including adding new stories from community members, new staff, events and news posts.

Overall, this new website should stand the test of time, just like St. George School!