New school website design for Washington Waldorf School
New school website for Washington Waldorf School

Washington Waldorf School is one of more than 1,000 Waldorf schools worldwide. Waldorf schools strive to develop the whole human being in a healthy and nurturing environment. The curriculum is designed to develop students academically, emotionally, and physically. In addition to a strong grounding in core academic skills, WWS students have many opportunities to engage in the arts, music, and drama, as well as textile arts, metalwork, woodwork, and more.

Enter a Waldorf school for a tour and you may be immediately struck by the beauty within the classroom. Waldorf teachers typically do amazing chalkboard drawings, which is something the Washington Waldorf School wanted to visualize on their website. We used an artistic chalk and watercolor design to carry forward the personality of the school. The resulting design is beautiful and user-friendly, creating a welcoming introduction for website visitors.

Washington Waldorf School Home Page

Converting a school website to WordPress

Washington Waldorf’s former website was built with a proprietary CMS that they had a hard time updating and customizing. They chose to use WordPress for their new website to keep it affordable and manageable, and to give them more control over their digital space. They had a lot of pages and content on their former site, which we were able to smoothly copy and migrate to the new website and server.

Part of every website process for Design TLC is a careful inventory of existing website content, to ensure nothing is lost in the conversion, and that any content that is not used on the new website is redirected to avoid 404 errors.

Templates and documentation for easy editing

It’s important to us that our school and nonprofit clients can easily update their own website. We create thorough instructions that are housed on the back end of the website for easy reference. When clients ask questions, we update the instructions with written and/or video explanations, ensuring that they can understand and learn how to work with their own website going forward. We create page templates which can be applied to different types of content, making the website consistent in design and functionality.

Optimized and responsive website

When we launch a website, we make sure it loads fast and performs well!

We are thrilled with the new WWS website and they are too!

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