Website Design & Development

We provide a full service, strategic approach to website projects, beginning with an overview of your goals and objectives. Your investment in your website is an important one, and we want to help make your website an effective marketing tool for your business.

Here is an overview of our website planning, design and development process:

  1. Working with you, we come up with a strategy for content development, including keyword research to ensure your website is targeting the right people. 
  2. Once content is created, we present a schematic outline of the content layout for the website (called a wireframe), and then move on to design mock up/prototype. 
  3. Once the design is approved, we begin building a custom website in code on a staging server. 
  4. We present this to you and then work with you to make any final minor edits before launching the website. 
  5. We set up Google Analytics and can do testing to make sure the site is performing well and passing Google's metrics. 
  6. We can also work with you to set up a mailing list service, such as Mail Chimp, to gather leads and create email marketing campaigns.