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Are You Doing A Competitive Comparison of Websites?


Part of a marketing strategy is researching and evaluating the competition. Have you looked at your competitor’s websites lately and done a comparison with your own website? Looking at what other nearby schools or enrichment programs are doing can give you ideas for content, keywords and other elements you can consider for your website and…

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Uh Oh! WordPress not sending email from Contact Form


Every website should have a contact form. This is an important way for people to reach you, and often the key lead generator on a website. We use Gravity Forms on most of the websites we create, as it is reliable, has a lot of add on features, and we have used it for many…

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Is Your Website Accessible?


Website accessibility is a hot topic right now. Since 1990, the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) has prohibited discrimination based on disability. Originally focused on accessibility to brick and mortar buildings, it has expanded to include virtual spaces, as well. This means that your website (a virtual space) should allow users of all abilities to…

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Schedule Your Website Cleanups Like Martha


Martha Stewart, the Queen of Housekeeping has a recommended schedule for house cleaning and maintenance. We often describe a website as being like a house when we talk about the relationship between website files, domains and hosting. In this case, we are going to recommend scheduling website cleanups similar to Martha’s household schedule. Weekly Website…

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Responding To Website Hosting Problems


Even the best websites can experience issues, hosting problems and downtime. Software is not perfect, servers can break down, and bad guys can hit your site with malware or other malicious code. We recently shared some tips on fixing website issues here. Issues your website experiences can be the result of hosting problems. There are…

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The robots.txt file, or what a bot can do on your website


As we mentioned in a previous blog post, each search engine on the web has its own robots, or bots, constantly crawling sites. These bots are not limited to Google and Bing and Yahoo. Any social media application (think Facebook or Pinterest) has its own crawling bots, as do aggregators such as msn or cnn.…

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