The mission of The Calculus Project is to use research-supported strategies to increase the representation and success of Black, Hispanic, Indigenous People of Color and low-income students in advanced mathematics.

We were pleased to meet the team behind this impactful organization and selected them as our TLC From The Heart Pro Bono project for 2023.

The former website was built with WordPress, which made creating a new website straight-forward. We cleaned up the back end of the website, which had a lot of unused pages and plugins. We worked with the Calculus Project team to create a streamlined sitemap and then we developed some compelling messaging for the home page with a new layout and design for the website. We presented some updated logo options, but the organization had trademarked their existing logo, so we developed a vector version of this graphic so it would be crisper and more scaleable.

Our colleague, Michelle Mercurio, donated her talented writing services to help build out and simplify content on some key subpages.

The resulting new website presents the mission of the organization clearly, and includes calls to action for donors, as well as for school districts to partner with The Calculus Project for their students. We hope the new website helps this amazing organization expand its reach to help more students succeed not only in math, but in their future endeavors.