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What is a Website Audit?

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You website can benefit from a close look at what is working and what can be improved.

We start with a website audit when someone comes to us looking for a new or “refreshed” website. Our website audit is a combination of assessments that help us evaluate a website for performance, user experience, SEO, messaging and design. This process guides the strategic direction and recommendations for improvements. We apply our findings to the website structure once we get started with design and development. The goal is to create an effective website that gets results for your business.

Our audit offers a road map for small businesses, independent schools, camps, enrichment programs and nonprofits to improve their website.

3 Key Benefits of Your Design TLC Website Audit

Design TLC Website Audit
A Design TLC Website Audit gives you a road map for next steps to improve your website.

Gain an understanding of how your current website scores

We will assess your current website, taking into account design, content, functionality, website traffic and search performance using a variety of tools. Your website audit will show you clearly where your website needs improvement. Chances are, you’re probably doing a lot of things well, too. We’ll let you know!

We dig into some details and present results in a clear, concise report

Let’s face it: Reports can be overwhelming and boring at the same time. Our reports provide clear summaries for a quick overview, with details available if you want to dive into them. It takes us several hours to comb through data, analyze information and create simple summaries and recommendations. You don’t have to be an expert to understand our reports. You can trust us as the experts!

A website audit checklist is a road map for next steps

The complete website audit identifies things on your current website and provides a checklist of things that need fixing. If you are ready for a new website design or refresh, the audit is a great way to help define areas for improvement on the new site, as well as showing you what is working well on your current site. You will have a list of action items that you can work on yourself, or that you can hire us or another provider to take care of for you (or some combination of these).

Your site is more than just how it “looks.” We’ll go through key areas of what makes a great site, including content, navigation and aesthetic. We look at Google Analytics and Search Console to determine how much traffic your website is getting, who is coming to your site where they are coming from, and what they do while they are there. Finally, we dive deep into where and why your site shows up in Google searches, as well as where your competition ranks.  

A Design TLC Audit Includes:

  1. Content Review
  2. Design & User Experience Review
  3. Technical Audit – making sure your site is well coded and runs fast
  4. On-Site Audit – full review and analysis of top pages for proper html and keyword use (H1-H6, title tags, alt text, content etc.)
  5. Off-Site Audit – analysis of back links and anchor text and authority and trust
  6. Google My Business and Social Media Profile Reviews
  7. Local SEO Audit – if you are a local business, we make sure your website is optimized for local and that you have citations and other elements needed to capture local listings

Don’t Need SEO and Keyword Analysis?

We offer a simpler audit that does everything above except the keyword and competitive stuff. This is helpful in identifying user experience design and website performance issues and opportunities for businesses which are not focused on getting found in Google.

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