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We must stand up and speak out. Silence is ok when it is done to listen, but silence can also be a way to avoid the risk of saying the wrong thing. It is encouraging to see many businesses making public statements in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Importantly, these statements affirm that a business and its owners stand for racial justice. They can also be social media posts designed to get attention and make the business look and feel good.  I want to do better. It is important to me, as the owner of this agency, to be sure this is not just a statement but a call to action and a commitment to my team, my clients and the community.

In a desire to be part of the solution and to support anti-racist ideas and policies, Design TLC donates services and funds to organizations that stand for social justice and which promote equality and education. We strive to listen, learn and engage in on-going action in support of equality and human rights.

I welcome feedback, suggestions for organizations to support and other ideas and thoughts on this subject. Feel free to contact meI am listening.


Tara Claeys

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