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The Increasing Importance of Quality Website Content

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Creating quality content for your website can improve readability, user experience and SEO

“Content is King” is a phrase coined by Steve Jobs in 1996 in reference to the future of the internet. This idea has been progressively evident as it relates to SEO and a website’s success. The value of website content has evolved even further within the last 5 years. Google’s RankBrain, a machine learning tool has become a vital component of Google’s algorithm. This tool has made creating quality copy and exceptional content increasingly important.

“Post-RankBrain, it is believed that the query now goes through an interpretation model that can apply possible factors like the location of the searcher, personalization, and the words of the query to determine the searcher’s true intent. By discerning this true intent, Google can deliver more relevant results.”


More relevant traffic will come your way the more clear and focused you are, and the better information you provide. Your website will rank higher if your content is relevent to the searcher’s intent.

At its core, RankBrain focuses on two key factors when analyzing your website:

Dwell Time: How long a Google searcher spends on your page

Click-Through Rate: The percentage of people who click on your website in the search results

The ultimate goal of Google’s RankBrain and other algorithms is user-experience. If a user clicks on a link and spends time on that site, it is evidence that they found what they were looking for. As a result, Google knows the site’s content will be more likely be relevant to others who are searching for the same thing. SearchMetrics found that the average dwell time for a top 10 search result is 3 minutes and 10 seconds, showcasing the importance of holding the reader’s attention for better SEO results.

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Creating engaging copy may seem like a daunting task. Here are a few factors you can focus on in order to improve your ability to hold onto your audience and improve your website’s search rankings.

Provide Website Content with a Fresh Perspective 

While others may be doing the same thing as you, there is no one who is doing it quite the same. You have a unique voice, and what you have to offer is unlike anyone else. Your content should reflect this. Creativity and originality in your website content will draw an audience who is interested in discovering something new, and keep their attention as they explore your viewpoint.

Showcase Your Knowledge

Keep yourself up to date with things that interest you and share that research with others. Stay interested and aware of the latest information on your topic and provide it to your audience in a relatable way, using your own voice. Great copy requires an in-depth understanding of the niche. Staying balanced between information and relatability will appeal to a wide group and keep your readers engaged.

Be Transparent and Empathetic

Visitors to your site want to feel connected. If your desire is to provide them with a positive experience, that will come through in your website content. Encourage readers to let go of preconceived notions by writing honestly and with their well-being in mind. Show that you care about their concerns, and that you have the answers that can help them by listening to their feedback and responding in a beneficial way.

Find Balance for Readability

While the content of the writing is important, the way it is displayed is also important to the overall experience. Providing quality images will help keep the reader’s attention. Organizing your content into short paragraphs, bullet points, and separate sections will improve its readability. A page full of text may feel overwhelming to a potential reader, while images and well organized copy will encourage them to dive in.

There’s no short cut to writing quality copy. With these website content tips in mind you can open the door for an engaged audience, longer dwell times and higher Google rankings.

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