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How Can You Optimize Your Content for Voice Search?

With voice search quickly becoming a part of everyday life, it is increasingly important to optimize your website to meet its unique demands. Many statistics showcase the “voice search revolution.” Some studies estimate that by 2020, 50% of searches will be performed by voice and 30% won’t even use a screen. Currently 1 in 6 Americans own a voice-activated smart device in their homes, and 25% of 16 – 24 years olds are using voice search on mobile. This ever-growing market deserves optimization attention today.

Smart Speakers for Voice Search for SEO
Smart Speakers are the future of search

Here are some guidelines to get started with:

Consider Your User’s Intent

Search intent is a reflection of the action a user is planning on taking after they make a search. This can be commercial intent (do / buy), information intent (know), or navigational intent (go), or a combination. It is most-often something they want the answer to quickly and without having to work too hard. Google has learned to recognize search intent, providing higher rankings for those who most effectively fulfill the user’s queries. Know the search intent of your users and provide the direction for them to get to what they need simply and easily.

Answer Their Questions

Most voice searchers ask questions to their devices looking for a direct and straightforward answer. To take advantage of this, research as many questions as you can on your topic and provide answers to these queries in a concise and conversational way. Using FAQ can be a great way to isolate your relevant questions and answers so that they can be easily accessed and understood.

Be Conversational

Long form responses are becoming more relevant with voice search. Users are taking a familiar, conversational tone with their devices. While short queries of a few words may be more popular with typed searches, voice search inspires users to go more in-depth with their queries and they expect a response which reflects the nature of their inquiry. By adopting a knowledgeable, welcoming tone which explains information as if to a friend, your site will be more appealing to the voice search market.

Focus on Local

Research shows that 39% of voice search users are looking for business information, so it is important that your site focus on your local market. Pertinent information such as hours and location should be prominent on your website so that it can be relayed easily. Ensure your Google My Business Page is up to date, with the correct address, contact details and opening hours listed.

By taking these simple steps now, you can ensure you are setting your up your business for SEO success in the future.

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