How To Choose a Web Designer For Your Business


Are you thinking about creating a new website for your business? You might consider building a website yourself, especially if your business is small and your budget is limited. However, once you reach a point where you want to invest in important marketing tools like a website, you might consider hiring a professional to create…

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How To Share Large Files and Images

With cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox, sharing files can be very easy. You can create folders in these storage platforms, and upload files and images and share the folders with others. We ask our clients to use Google Drive, which is our preferred platform for sharing website content and images, but we also…

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Website Terminology: Learn How To Speak The Language


As website professionals, we have our own “lingo,” or website terminology, which can sometimes be confusing for our clients and people who don’t make websites for a living. We realize that when we speak in our language, sometimes it may not make sense, and a key to a successful website project is clear communication. So,…

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Does your website or branding communicate your value proposition?


I am excited to share a post from Guest Blogger Jennifer Mulchandani of Arlington Strategy. Jennifer is a champion of small business and a community advocate. She is a veteran in advancing agendas, motivating stakeholders, and driving sales with high-impact strategic marketing and communications. Jennifer’s holistic approach to marketing includes understanding every client’s mission and…

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Lesson from Hillary – Use Your Email Properly


Politics aside, using personal email for business is a bad  idea. Debating whether or not Hillary knew or didn’t know or realize this, if her advisors did or didn’t tell her to avoid this mistake, is not the purpose of this blog post, but it is has reminded me how email is misunderstood and misused. For…

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