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How Can You Optimize Your Content for Voice Search?


With voice search quickly becoming a part of everyday life, it is increasingly important to optimize your website to meet its unique demands. Many statistics showcase the “voice search revolution.” Some studies estimate that by 2020, 50% of searches will be performed by voice and 30% won’t even use a screen. Currently 1 in 6…

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Google Rich Snippets: Why Do I Need One, and How Do I Get One?


As the quantity of information on the web grows bigger and bigger each day, search engines are constantly updating and refining the way they identify and display that information. According to, Google performed 92% of all searches in February 2019, with the other 8% spread across the rest of the engines. In this post,…

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What is GDPR Compliace and How Does It Affect Me?


You have probably been bombarded lately with GDPR Compliance emails asking you to review updated terms and conditions and privacy policies for websites and newsletters to which you are subscribed. We have, too! This is due to the upcoming implementation of the EU’s “GDPR” (General Data Protection Regulation) on May 25, 2018. We’ve got a…

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Does your website or branding communicate your value proposition?


I am excited to share a post from Guest Blogger Jennifer Mulchandani of Arlington Strategy. Jennifer is a champion of small business and a community advocate. She is a veteran in advancing agendas, motivating stakeholders, and driving sales with high-impact strategic marketing and communications. Jennifer’s holistic approach to marketing includes understanding every client’s mission and…

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Creating mockup website images

Clusterflunk stock photo.

I recently updated my website portfolio to add screenshots and links to new websites I have created for clients. I created a Photoshop template (click to download and use! yourself!) to make it easier to make a consistent and professional look and control the screenshot view. Since I had already started this process when I created…

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