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Kid Works Creative Learning Centers in Cincinnati, Ohio needed a website refresh and discovered Design TLC through the GoDaddy Pro program. Our specialty is developing websites for preschools, school and enrichment programs, so we were happy they found us! We loved working with their team to develop a more user-friendly, informative and well-designed new website.

“Relaxing” Process

Our process for developing and organizing content is straight forward. We focus on being organized and thinking strategically about the audience and message for businesses like child care centers and preschools. The owner of Kid Works went on vacation during the content development period, and we worked with his director to refine the content and structure of the website. When he returned, we had the design prototype and content fine-tuned and ready for development. We loved hearing that he found the process to be “relaxing!”

Effective and Efficient Tools

We used our favorite combination of Beaver Builder, an amazing front-end page builder, Beaver Themer, which makes building the structural parts of the website easier, and Pods, which creates custom post types and custom fields. This means that for Kid Works, as they expand, adding new locations and staff will be really easy! Information is entered in one place on the website, and automatically populates on the child care and preschool center location pages in a user-friendly format.

Spanish Language Content

It was important to Kid Works that some of their key content be available in Spanish. We had a translator develop Spanish versions of several pages, making it more readable and natural than using Google Translate. We made sure that the website was coded with the important “href lang” site map to help with SEO and make it apparent to Google that this content is in Spanish.

SEO for Preschool and Child Care Center

The old website did not have any rankings for non-branded terms. We did some keyword research and optimized the new website to help it perform better in search engine results for preschool and child care/daycare phrases. Our team will keep an eye on the new site to see if our work has an impact.

After confirming that the new website had no SEO errors, and we submitted it to Google and Bing for crawling. The old website was using a different domain name, We suggested that the owners acquire the domain, which was available for an affordable rate. Completing a “Change of Address” form in Google Search Console was important so Google would know about the new url.

We loved working with some fun photography that the centers posted on their Facebook pages. Their award-winning program made it easy to communicate their strengths both visually and in copy. We felt relaxed during the process too! All of the pieces fell into place perfectly on this project. We launched on the projected date and on budget.

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