Bennett Day School

New website for Bennett Day School

The new website for Bennett Day School in Chicago was a comprehensive project that aimed to consolidate their two separate websites—one for their Early Education Program and Lower School, and the other for their Upper School—into a single, cohesive online presence.

We enjoyed working with the client team, who brought a great design sense as well as technical savvy to help move the project along and in the direction they wanted it to go!


Website Audit and Strategy Development

  • Conducted a thorough audit of Bennett Day School’s existing websites and branding.
  • Engaged in discussions with the school to understand their goals for the new website.
  • Developed a recommended strategy and site map that would integrate content from both existing sites, outlining the architecture and relationship between different pages.

Site Map and Wireframe Creation

  • Collaborated with Bennett Day School to update the site map, combining elements from both websites.
  • Created a detailed blueprint/wireframe to guide the design of the homepage and overall site layout.

Design Iteration and Development

  • Presented multiple design iterations, settling on a design that featured curves, rounded corners, and subtle drop shadows, which the client loved.
  • Included a compelling headline to make the “Hero” area a meaningful call to action space.
  • Migrated content from the old WordPress sites to a new staging site, switching from Elementor to Beaver Builder for development.
  • Focused on creating a user-friendly experience, teaching the client how to use Beaver Builder modules effectively.
  • Kudos to our designer, Elana, for giving these designs some extra TLC!

Launch and Accessibility

  • Ensured a smooth website launch, checking and fixing any broken links identified in Google searches.
  • Implemented the Equalize Digital Accessibility plugin to adhere to best practices in website development and accessibility.
  • Introduced a custom Design TLC Accessibility plugin designed to enhance usability, particularly with Beaver Builder modules and menu construction.


The deliverables for the Bennett Day School website project included:

  • A unified website that combined content from two separate sites into a seamless, accessible online platform.
  • A modern, user-friendly design with an updated site map and wireframe to guide content architecture.
  • Integration of blog content from HubSpot into WordPress, expanding the site’s resource offerings.
  • Implementation of new development tools and plugins to ensure a high standard of accessibility and usability.
  • Training and support for the client to manage and update their website using Beaver Builder.
  • This project not only provided Bennett Day School with a fresh and unified web presence but also set a new standard for website accessibility and usability practices in future projects

Before and After

New school website for Bennett Day School