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5 Reasons to Add Periscope To Your Social Media Presence

Today I am pleased to welcome my first Guest Blogger! Karen Bate, of KB Concepts P.R. is a social media, public relations and marketing professional who specializes in work for non-profits and “great ideas for good causes.” She is also the founder of Awesome Women Entrepreneurs, a networking organization which began in Arlington, Virginia and is expanding into other locations. Karen uses all popular social media outlets, and here shares her reasons why Periscope is a great platform for sharing live content.

Now almost a year old, Periscope has grown into one of the fastest growing social media platforms with more than 10 million users. Once you get the hang of taking the videos, it’s a great way to share instant content in a live stream with viewers worldwide in real time.

It’s a challenge keeping up with all the latest social media trends – especially when you have a business to run! That also may be why Periscope has quickly become popular; it provides users a simple way to gain unique exposure — without spending a ton of time or money in the process.

Here are five reasons Periscope could be right for your business:

1. It’s a Cinch

It’s easy: you can sign up using your Twitter handle, keep the same profile information for consistency, and you’re ready to go. You can automatically follow all of your Twitter followers who are also using Periscope, and they in turn will see your content from the beginning.

2. It Creates Instant Engagement

Periscope allows businesses and nonprofits to create and share real-time videos, so brands can personally interact with their audiences. Followers can comment and interact in real time, letting both sides update as events are happening. Videos can also be streamed live, meaning you can capture and share an important event, or simply communicate with others when it’s best for your schedule. Meanwhile, followers can “heart” your content, letting you know how well your post is going over as it’s happening. The higher the hearts flutter, the more positive reviews you’ve received.

I experienced this first hand following the terrorist attacks in Paris: I began following a young woman named Claire Waddington who simply walked around the city recording her thoughts and impressions, and the various spontaneous gatherings that occurred in response to the attacks. She also showed people simply going about their lives, continuing to sit in cafes and showing the world that they would not live in fear. It was so moving and inspirational. Claire built an instant following and now has more than 20,000 followers and has received more than 13 million “hearts’ for her broadcasts.

3. The Possible Uses are Endless

Periscope can be used in a variety of ways that best compliment your brand. Nonprofits can take videos of donations being put to good use or volunteers hard at work. Companies can create interactive customer service videos, demonstrate new products, give shout-outs to long-term employees, etc. Other uses include mini focus groups, announcing big news, customer competitions, or interviewing key brand members.

This great article in Hubspot shows numerous examples of brands using Periscope in a variety of ways. I especially love how Spotify uses it to release exclusive performances by guest musicians; Red Bull uses it to engage with their audience without ever pushing their actual products; and celebrities use it to provide glimpses of their lives in an out of the spotlight.

4. It Allows Screening 

You can also turn folks “off” who you don’t want to interact with, allowing you to speak directly with those who matter most — and providing an easy way to avoid trolls.

5. It’s FREE

Did we mention it’s free?

It’s not surprising that businesses and nonprofits alike are exploring ways to incorporate Periscope into their communications and marketing activities. As with all social media, the best way to see if it’s right for you is to set up an account, observe how other organizations are utilizing this new tool, and take it for a spin. Enjoy!

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