FAQs About TLC Plans

Keeping your website running is really important, but it can also be also a bit confusing! Following are some frequently asked questions about our TLC plans. If you have other questions, please Contact Us and we will get back to you quickly with an answer.

Can I maintain my website myself?

You can change the oil in your car yourself or cut your own hair, but most people have service providers who do this for them. It saves time and the job usually gets done better. Keeping your WordPress website up to date, backed up, and secure can be time consuming and intimidating. We are here to help you, so you can focus on running your business. We know your website, which helps ensure that it is taken care of properly.

Doesn't my web host make back ups of my website?

These days most web hosts perform some sort of routine site backup. But what happens if your host’s backups are compromised, or your hosting company has a major outage and is not available? Not only do we provide daily backups of your entire website, but these backups are stored securely on cloud servers allowing us to quickly restore your site or even move it to another web host if the need arises. 

What is NOT included in my Basic TLC website plan?

Basic TLC includes software updates (multiple times per month), daily backups of your website, and uptime and security monitoring.

Basic TLC does not include any updates to the content of your site, nor does it include troubleshooting issues that may arise. Sometimes, software updates will not be compatible with your website theme, or vice versa, and some functionality on your site may stop working. Also sometimes, despite the security measures we take on your site, it may get hacked or hit with an attack. Any time we spend that is not basic updates, we charge you at our hourly rate of $120.

We offer some plans that include time for content updates, troubleshooting, and fixing issues, which work out to be a discount on the hourly rate.

How do I contact you if my site goes down or I need help?

Often, we know that your site has gone down before you do, and are working to bring it back up! If you have any issues, please send your requests to support@designtlc.com. We generally reply within a few hours, but will guarantee to acknowledge receipt of your request within 24 hours with an estimated time when your request will be addressed.

Our clients often remark on how fast we are to respond. It's one of the ways we show you we care!