Purchase Website Assessment

Inspire confidence in your website with a Design TLC Assessment.

Specfically for School and Nonprofit Websites

All of our clients start with a website assessment to determine what’s worth keeping, what needs to be updated or discarded, and to identify the opportunities to make their website more engaging, inspiring, and effective. An assessment can help you know what’s working, what isn’t, and where to start!

We will perform a thorough assessment of your current website, including website speed. We walk through up to 20 of your website pages and make a list of recommendations to improve the performance, messaging and user experience on your website.

A TLC Website Assessment is $850. If you hire us for a website refresh, this fee is applied to the new website project fee.

With your permission and access to your hosting for backups/restores, we will take immediate action to remove redundant and unused plugins and themes, which can result in performance and speed improvements.

We will provide a road map and proposal for additional recommendations for improvement.


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