SEO for Schools: Optimizing with Google Search Console

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The SEO marketing strategy for your small school or nonprofit organization should have a focus on the traffic and overall performance of your website. Tools like Google Search Console exist to ensure your website’s marketing and SEO strategies are maximized.  Unfortunately, most businesses and organizations do not use Google Search Console to its full potential;…

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SEO copywriting hacks for your school website


It can be frustrating when you spend hours developing content for your school website without seeing any improvements in search rankings, enrollments, etc. If you find yourself in this case, it’s time to dial in on the actual content you’re writing. You could build out your website’s content for days, but none of it could…

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The Difference Between Branded and Unbranded Searches


School marketing can be complicated! You’re in charge of branding your school – without brand recognition, your enrollment and prospects will become stagnant and your SEO efforts fall flat. For strong school SEO, you need to monitor the keywords being used in your audience’s internet searches; these search queries can either be branded or unbranded.…

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