How your web host could help or hurt your website performance


One of the first questions people may ask web designers when planning out their website is: Does it really matter where my website is hosted, or if it is hosted at all? In short, yes! The hosting environment you choose for your school website can impact security, SEO, user experience and more. Hosting your website…

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Essential School Website Features for Great User Experience


In the web design world, there are a plethora of fancy features that are implemented in school websites to enhance user experience. These could include videography, pop-ups, interactive polls, the list goes on. While they are great add-ons, and can definitely add a layer of complexity to overall user experience, it’s more important to focus…

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Summer projects for your school website

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Summer is rapidly approaching, and as your students are anticipating the upcoming summer vacation, it’s time to start preparing your school’s website for the next school year.  Website upkeep isn’t easy work. However, it is crucial to ensure your website is reaching its full potential. In this article we’ll list some great website update projects…

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Tips for developing clear messaging for your school


Your school’s messaging is incredibly important when it comes to website design and development. Imagery, multimedia elements and other flashy features may get the attention of your website visitors, but it’s the content of your website’s message that will hook them in for more.  It’s important that your school’s messaging is centered around a small…

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The importance of avoiding duplicate content


If you’re trying to learn more about SEO for your small school’s website, you’ve probably heard of duplicate content. There’s a lot of mixed information out there about duplicate content, ranging from what duplicate content actually is, how you can be penalized for it, and whether or not it actually hurts your SEO. In this…

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4 reasons why WordPress is perfect for small school websites


At DesignTLC, we proudly use WordPress to design websites for our clients. There are plenty of other platforms available, like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace, and Finalsite is a big name in school websites. WordPress is our favorite for four reasons:  Ease of Use Ownership Extendabilty Community  1. Affordability  It’s no secret that good quality website…

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Great school website design trends to note for 2021


As we are hustling through the new year into the spring, school website designers are picking up more assignments for small schools to meet their deadlines to start marketing for recruitment. If you’re in a similar position and you’ve reached a creative rut, or you don’t know which elements of your site should be refreshed…

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Prioritizing Quality over Quantity website traffic


When it comes to website traffic, it may be hard to believe that quality visitors over quantity matter. You may think, “Why should it? I’m getting loads of traffic, it should be helping me.” Lots of traffic is awesome, but it doesn’t always help if you don’t know the quality of your visitors.  It’s great…

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4 Great Private School WordPress Website Designs


There is a different level of scrutiny that is involved because private schools are under more pressure to create compelling, interesting websites in comparison to public schools. In general, private schools are more competitive than public schools in terms of creativity and design, and it shows in their websites. Because private schools are concerned with…

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