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Increase Attendance By Improving Your School Events Calendar

Getting people to your school or program’s events doesn’t have to be hard. Your website exists to reach your visitors. Using a camp or school events calendar to draw people to your website can quickly increase registration.

Camp or School Events Calendar

To give visitors an overview of all events, consider having a month or list view calendar. Visitors can quickly find the events that interest them and compare it with their own schedules.

Share links to your calendar directly from your navigation menu. Help users find this information easily.

An school events calendar on Tiny Chefs website.
Tiny Chefs Website links to their event calendar within navigation menu.

Event Previews

Where else will users look for events on your site? You might show them on the bottom of your homepage, or on the side of blog posts. You can automate this list to show several upcoming events.

Tiny Chefs includes a preview of the next 3 Upcoming Events on their homepage

Single Event Listing

Sending people to your website is good, but you can be more specific. Each event can be its own page within your camp or school events calendar on your website. You can then link to this specific page when promoting the event through emails and social media. Include details like:

  • Start / End Date and Time
  • Location
  • Description of the event
  • Call to action such as Register or Buy Tickets
Show single event listings with the date, time, and location.
Bring visitors to the exact page on your website where they will take action.

Sign-Ups with Tickets or RSVPs

Do you need a headcount of attendees? Would you like to sell tickets to your events? You can do all that within your own website.

On your events, free RSVPs or even paid tickets are possible. You can see a list of all attendees and check guests in as they arrive.

Sell tickets or free RSVPs from your school events calendar on your website.
Sell tickets or free RSVPs from your website.

School and Camp Event Search Optimization

We configure your website to stand out in search results. When someone searches for events in your area, we help search engines connect them directly with your website. We use The Events Calendar plugin for WordPress, which creates schema data for Google. This allows your events to show up in a snippet in a Google search result.

Events in search results
Help events on your website stand out in search results.

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