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Design TLC Wins Platinum Hermes Creative Award

Design TLC was awarded a best school website award from the Platinum Hermes Creative Award for 2021 for the development of the microsite for Wittenberg University. We worked with the multi-talented Edit Barry and Allison Le of E&Aco to build a microsite for the University’s $100 million capital campaign, “Having Light.”

The development project included some advanced design implementation as well as the creation of custom functionality for the “Witt Stories,” which share the experiences of over 50 alumni. The website was built so that Wittenberg staff could easily add new stories and make edits to the site as needed.

The website uses best practices in design and functionality both for administrators on the back end, using a page builder for easy editing, as well as a user-friendly experience for website visitors. The compelling school website design utilizes elegant fonts and gradient text for an aesthically pleasing look which is readable and draws attention to the main messages on the Home Page and subpages. Custom illustrations lend themselves to the creative personality of the site, which makes the website stand out and likely influenced the award for this project.

We are honored and excited to have been credited with development for best school website award for this work with E&Aco!

Wittenberg University Having Light Microsite

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