What is the Difference Between Domain and Website Hosting?


The concept of “hosting” can be IS confusing. A client recently asked us if they should cancel their domain hosting account because we moved their website hosting to a different provider. The answer is no! You need both. Confusing? Yes! Here is a basic overview of DOMAIN HOSTING (also called “Registration/Registrar”) and WEBSITE HOSTING. You…

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Revealing WordPress Hosting Review: It’s Your Lucky Day!


Recently I wrote about website speed and performance for WordPress websites. I found that the quality of hosting plays a big role in the performance of a website, and how fast it loads. As I mentioned in my previous post, testing tools can be inconsistent and different tools have different benchmarks and matrices. My preferred tool is…

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What Kind of Car Do You Drive – WordPress Hosting Conversation

I recently posted some information on the Facebook Advanced WordPress Group about blacklisted plugins on Go Daddy Managed WordPress Hosting plans, including several backup plugins.  My intention was to share this information with the community and advise you how to choose managed WordPress hosting plans in case you may be having issues with Managed WordPress…

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