Winsor Leads : Capital Campaign Website

New website for Winsor School Microsite

We have been delighted to work with the wonderful, strategic, and friendly team at the Winsor School in Boston on their new capital campaign, Winsor Leads. The Winsor School hired Design TLC to help them create a new microsite for this campaign, to be followed by a new website for their school which will integrate with Blackbaud.

We knew we would be able to exceed Winsor’s expectations, especially when collaborating with our friends at E&A Co, with whom we created an award-winning microsite for Wittenburg University in 2022.

The result is an elegant, interactive design that beautifully conveys the Winsor character and message in line with their campaign branding.

By seamlessly blending elegant aesthetics with functional excellence, we helped Winsor School propel its capital campaign forward.

Winsor School, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and empowering young women, embarked on a transformative journey with their capital campaign, Winsor Leads. To support this endeavor, our team was tasked with designing and building a website that not only reflected Winsor’s character but also showcased the dedicated leaders behind the campaign.


  1. Communicating Winsor’s Character: Capturing the essence of Winsor School – its rich history, values, and empowering environment – in a digital platform.
  2. Highlighting Campaign Leaders: Crafting a space to shine a spotlight on the passionate individuals driving the Winsor Leads campaign forward.
  3. Ensuring Accessibility: Developing a responsive design that ensures seamless user experience across all devices and screen sizes.


    • Elegant Design Reflecting Winsor’s Spirit: Our team meticulously designed a website that exuded elegance and sophistication, mirroring the ethos of Winsor School. From color schemes to typography, every element was carefully chosen to communicate the school’s character.
    • Spotlight on Leaders with Customized Content: We integrated video testimonials and custom icons to showcase the stories and faces behind Winsor Leads. This personalized touch humanized the campaign, fostering deeper connections with potential donors and supporters.
    • Optimized for Accessibility: Recognizing the importance of accessibility, we ensured the website was optimized for all screen sizes and devices. Whether accessed from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, users experienced seamless navigation and interaction.
    • Easy to Update: We created an easy way for the development team to update the goal tracker on the home page, so they have control over the content there.


    1. Enhanced Brand Perception: The Winsor Leads website effectively communicated the essence of Winsor School, enhancing its brand perception among the target audience.
    2. Increased Engagement: By featuring compelling video content and personal stories, the website fostered higher levels of engagement, encouraging visitors to explore further and connect with the campaign.
    3. Improved Accessibility: The responsive design ensured that the website reached a wider audience, regardless of the device they used, thereby maximizing its impact and reach.

    New Website