Urban Youth Workers Institute
Nonprofit Website

Because we specialise in nonprofit websites, the team at the Urban Youth Workers Institute (UYWI) was referred to us to help maintain their website and make some improvements and enhancements. We quickly helped UYWI identify some improvements that would better communicate their message, mission and process to their audiences.

Website Improvements

Moving from Divi to Beaver Builder

We rebuilt the UYWI website using Beaver Builder, our agency’s page builder of choice. We removed all the shortcodes left behind after Divi Builder was removed. As part of this process, we also replaced the logo with an SVG graphic, making it much more crisp on the video overlay.

New Hosting

We also moved the website from Media Temple to Kinsta. Combined with the use of Beaver Builder, this resulted in an improved load speed from 2.99 seconds to 1.3 seconds, and the page size went from over 17 MB to 10 MB (still a large page, as it has video and RSS feeds and videos embedded.)

Bringing Together Resources

Because of the multi-media approach and a variety of resources offered by UYWI, we created a custom post type to provide an overview of each program which then links to third party platforms Mighty Networks and UScreen.

The Resources page helps visitors better understand the programs offered by UYWI

Standing for Justice

UYWI does an amazing job with multi media content, including video and podcasts. We were inspired by their mission and the role UYWI plays in helping to create leaders in inner cities. This is especially relevant and important now as our country is facing a heightened attention to long-standing racial inequality and injustice.

In the wake of the George Floyd murder, we were inspired by the outreach of UYWI to help communities grieve together, with a focus on their faith-based message of hope, love and justice.

The spoken word piece, “I Can’t Breathe” by Pierre Fulford is really powerful.

Design TLC has increased its commitment to giving back to our community and being part of a movement toward equality for all and an end to racist policies and ideas. Read more about our commitment here.