New custom website integrated with Blackbaud Core for the display of athletic team information, faculty and staff, and school calendar.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, a strong online presence is crucial for institutions seeking to connect with their audience effectively. Renbrook School, located in Connecticut, recognized the need to enhance its website to reflect its vibrant personality and engage its community better. Turning to the expertise of Design TLC, Renbrook School embarked on a journey to transform its online platform.

The Challenge: Replacing an Outdated Website

Renbrook School had been using a dated Blackbaud website (view screenshot of former website) that no longer aligned with its dynamic character and vision. The institution needed a website that not only captured its essence but also facilitated seamless information sharing and engagement. The goal was to create an inviting online space that appealed to current and prospective students, parents, faculty, and alumni.

The Solution: A Vibrant and Engaging Design

Design TLC’s team tackled the challenge head-on by crafting a WordPress website that breathed new life into Renbrook School’s digital presence. The new design took inspiration from the school’s personality and incorporated vibrant colors and modern elements to instantly capture visitors’ attention.

One of the most notable features was the integration of dynamic and animated elements. Icons that emerged in the top navigation after scrolling, along with animated text and hover overlays, added a touch of uniqueness and professionalism to the design. Renbrook School’s extensive collection of high-quality photography was leveraged to enhance the visual appeal and authenticity of the website.

Renbrook School Blackbaud to WordPress Website
New Renbrook School website Home Page
custom school website design with icons
After scrolling, the sidebar icons affix to the bottom of the top navigation bar.

Integration with Blackbaud Data: Best of Both Worlds

One of the significant concerns Renbrook School faced was its reliance on Blackbaud’s back-end management for vital information such as faculty and staff directories, school calendars, and athletic team details. Design TLC addressed this challenge by developing a system that seamlessly connected to the Blackbaud data and displayed it on the new WordPress website. This integration retained the efficient data management capabilities while offering a fresh and user-friendly interface, resulting in a significant cost savings for the school, as well as a new website that is much easier to work with.

Enquiry Tracker Integration and User-Friendly Content Management

To streamline the enrollment process, Design TLC seamlessly integrated Enquiry Tracker forms into the website. This ensured that prospective families could easily inquire about the school’s offerings without any friction.

Additionally, Design TLC prioritized the school’s ability to manage and update the website independently. They developed an intuitive system that empowered Renbrook School’s staff to effortlessly update content, photos, and other information. The inclusion of clear instructions within the website’s dashboard further ensured quick and hassle-free reference.

Teamwork and Results

The success of this website project is the result of a strong relationship with the school’s amazing marketing director. With her support, trust, cooperation and hard work, she helped create a website that we can all be proud of! The Renbrook website stands as a testament to Design TLC’s expertise in managing a large project and crafting tailored solutions. By combining dynamic design elements, seamless data integration, and user-friendly content management, Design TLC was able to create an online platform that truly reflects Renbrook School’s essence and values.

Tara Claeys and school website client
Tara Claeys and Barb Doyle, Renbrook School Director of Marketing and Communications

Here is what Barb Doyle, the Renbrook School Director of Marketing and Communications, had to say about working with Design TLC:

“Thank you all so, so much! I am so pleased with our beautiful site. You have made this process fun, exciting, and essentially seamless. Your expertise, your collegiality, your patience, and your positive attitudes have made it such a joy to do this important project with you.”

In an increasingly digital world, Renbrook School’s new website serves as an inspiration for institutions seeking to enhance their online presence, engage their audience, and provide a seamless user experience without breaking the bank. Design TLC’s commitment to creating unique and effective solutions continues to impact schools and nonprofits positively, empowering them to thrive in the digital realm.